Saturday, January 5, 2008

To catch a litterbug

I was just looking at Keep Rockland Beautiful's website. They have started working on "The Dirty Dozen"- the most polluted places in Rockland. Check out their pictures.
I liked learning this info the best, especially that the warning will go to the owner of the vehicle, not necessarily the driver and that if it's a teenager, their parents will receive the warning- that's AWESOME!!
So, here you go. Happy reporting. Go to Keep Rockland Beautiful's website to learn more.

Report a Litterbug!
If you see somebody littering from their car, or stuff blowing out of the back of a truck, the Sheriff Dept will send the vehicle owner a warning letter based on your report to Keep Rockland Beautiful. To make a complaint, give KRB the following information:

Date, Time and Location of incident
Vehicle license #, color and make (e.g. "Honda")
Type of litter you observed
A way of contacting you
You can email, fax, phone or deliver your complaint by foot to Keep Rockland Beautiful, 10 Maple Ave, New City


phone: 845-708-9159

fax: 845-708-9165

Complaints are confidential. They are screened for accuracy. They go to the vehicle owner, not necessarily the driver. This can be a good thing (like when the letter goes to the parent of a sloppy teenaged driver...).


David said...

I wish they'd do that with cell phone use. It's a lot bigger problem that people are driving around talking on the phone than the occasional person is littering. I mean, when's the last time you saw someone litter from a car? How about the last time you saw someone on their phone?

rita said...

i'm glad the drivers in front of YOU are so civil -- I see crap, including cigarettes, get tossed outta cars frequently. the cigs especially hack me off, uh, chafe me - i once got a hole burned in my car seat when it was parked at a service center, and a tossed cig landed on my driver's seat and sat there smoldering till they went to bring my car inside. That's but a teeny part of my disgust. at least burger king flotsam gets picked at and shredded. truly, the drivers at this end of the county are pigs and I get infuriated. I already know I can't often read the plates, so maybe that'll be the tack I try with the optometrist ... But, yeh, I DO wish we could do it with cell phones too.