Sunday, January 13, 2008

Suffern Ridgewood Loop with Ripplewood Hill

Did this route yesterday as a club ride. I'm so glad David came- it would have been so much less fun without him. So we left the park, and immediately the ride went from 15-17 mph to 13-15 mph. Bummer. I wanted to cruise faster than that. One other rider was the usual straggler, another hadn't ridden since October. Oh well, that gave us more time to talk.
The climbs were good, the stop short and quick and then we were back. Highlights- hearing David laugh when I said "Ruh-Roh" ala Scooby Doo, Dick giving me ideas for new routes- one that will cross the cool little bridge I'm always drawn to, and Jimmy being in a good mood.
Towards the end, the friggen ride was going literally 9-11. That was maddening. I got home and felt unfulfilled the rest of the day. I still had a desire to ride more, but life went on. Oh well.
David/Abby if you're looking at the turn sheet, I added the one turn that Abby said I was missing. Hopefully this is perfect now. (It was the turn at the pubis- even though you stay on the same named road, you have to turn to do it.)

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David said...

Yeah good ride. The slow didn't bother me, it's the stopping. But what can you do, you know? At least we got a good talk in.

Afterwards I stopped and got a bagel and egg salad. Yummmmm. My favorite post ride snack.