Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Melissa should be out tomorrow!

Boy this has been some week! Melissa is set to get out tomorrow- we're not exactly sure what time but I'm sure it can't come soon enough. The pulmonary embolism test came back negative and still no results of the MRI.
Today Melissa's new nebulizer was delivered to the hospital. Good thinking that she ordered it in plenty of time to get it home. And it's smaller and has a car adapter so if she should ever have need to use it in the car, she's set. I was kind of not happy about the guy who delivered it though. Cliff shows up with the nebulizer and starts to talk to Melissa about it just after she got out of her tests and was quite out of it from the Valium. I told him to explain it to me because she's well, out of it. (Except I said she was high. Well, Valium makes you look that way.)

He then takes out a stack of papers and attempts to have her sign stuff she can't read. I said I wanted to read them first before she signed anything and he made some crack about me being a budding lawyer. And sure enough there was a sheet that said to the effect, "I understand my insurance will most likely not pay for this device...blah blah...I am responsible for this because insurance doesn't cover it....blah blah...$308 is my responsibility..." But Melissa HAS insurance that WILL cover it. I don't know what that was about but I think it was LAME for him to shove those under her nose without her knowing.

So, home tomorrow and on a strict regiment of treatment. She's going to her apartment tomorrow night (I'll most likely sleep over just to keep an eye on her) and then she'll spend the weekend at Mommy's house.

This family, everyone, pulled together. You're all awesome and we're blessed to have each other.

Further illnesses will need to be cleared in advance. Applications will not be available until 2010.


rita said...

Thank heavens! I'm so glad Melissa's feeling better and headed back to where she belongs. Now listen, Melissa: Don't do that NO MORE! I hope your comeback is fast and comfortable.
And let us all praise Family. I'll take that any day, replete with everyone's irritating neuroses, hinky habits, and the kind of embrace that makes everybody remember what really matters.

Anonymous said...

Well thank god for family. Glad she is feeling better and finally going home. What a jerk that Cliff was.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that last anonymous was Maria

---- Maria