Friday, March 21, 2008

Melissa's out!

Hopefully this will be the end of this series of blog posts!
Melissa got out yesterday and we spent the night at her apartment. Leaving the hospital she discovered someone had stolen the smart card out of her phone- bastard.
She's still wheezing, but hopefully that will still get better. We did some running around to fill (I think it was 10!) prescriptions, return some movies, get food. Then got back to her apartment to be met by a huge influx of ants! Yikes! I tried vacuuming the little suckers up and breaking their trail with vinegar. It didn't really work though, but vinegar is really good to drown them with- not really our intention though- neither of us like to kill anything.
Melissa caught up on some bills and a little bit of work. She pissed me off by insisting on emptying the vacuum cleaner canister (think enormous amounts of dust and dirt- surprisingly few ants however) and by filling the garbage with what could only have been ingots of osmium. (Now THAT is a funny joke- any takers?) I could not believe how heavy this bag was.
We went to bed early after watching some terrible movie- Maya gifted Melissa with a late(r) reveille and we got off to the doctor for a 10:30 appointment.
We met with her doctor and I told him Melissa is ready to surrender to whatever his course of action is. I swear he did a happy dance akin to an end-zone celebration. He commented on Melissa's previous non-compliance.
Long story short he said he was worried about her last week when he saw her (after the first ER visit). Something about this doctor saying he was worried about her scared me- he must have really known it was bad. Bad bad. So anyway, he gave her a list of medications and dietary restrictions and will see her in a few weeks.
She got a pedicure this afternoon, took Maya for a much-needed haircut, and will be sleeping at Mommy's house tonight. Hopefully she'll resist the urge to empty the vacuum.
Here's a pic of Maya's haircut- she will be donating the hair to Locks of Love. Nice.


David said...

"but vinegar is really good to drown them with- not really our intention though- neither of us like to kill anything."

Because if you vacuum up ants, they live happily in the canister, after passing through the spinning brush and the chopping blade, where they then set up a pleasant resort-like town of ant glory.

Jenni said...

Nah, I was just assisting the family reunion. I provided transportation, booked the venue, even provided them with some stray cheerios and crackers. I'm an altruist.

Chopping blade? I vacuumed them, I didn't use the lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh - home... I bet tis good - ants or no ants!
Awww - bet Maya looks so cutie with that cut!