Thursday, April 17, 2008

To some, your dreams have come true

Two days ago, I had a little cough, no big deal. Now, I have completely lost the ability to speak. Nothing but a whisper. Which is exceptionally frustrating because I've discovered when you speak to people in a whisper, they speak back in a whisper (or muted tone) because of course it invokes a library atmosphere. So I'm trying to get Gray ready for school, and I'm whispering to him and he's whispering back to me, but he's congested too and can't really hear that well so we're just all, "What?"
For days now. That's about 10% funny and 90% holy-crap-I-think-I'll-kill-someone.
Anyway, if you call and I don't answer, email or text.


gerry said...

what an opportunity I am missing.

Jenni said...

You did this to me.

gerry said...