Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wrong on so many levels

So I was just reading about the pope and his trip tomorrow. Of course the Catholic church has been getting a lot of press for priests and others molesting small children, boys I think mostly. A horrible, disgusting, ridiculously heinous thing. And thus far, the pope has been mum about it. So he's making this trip to the US and it's anticipated he'll address the child molestation issue.
Here's an interesting quote, keeping the sex abuse scandal in mind. This is from John Allen, a Vatican analyst:

"I think most American Catholics may not know a whole lot about him," Allen said. "He's not the sexy media icon that John Paul II was..."

Um, uh. Why, uh, are we commenting that this pope isn't as SEXY as the last pope?
I have to go get a cooties shot now. Excuse me. Gross.

Dear present and all future popes,
None of you are sexy. Don't try. Don't want to be. Just. Don't. Gross.

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