Sunday, June 8, 2008

Awesome workout today

It was hot hot hot today. Met up with David, Danielb, and Foster for an informal 25 miles- got us all slathered up with sun block and we were off. The ride wasn't especially fast but in hundred degree heat you're certainly working. It was so great to stop and jump into the river- bike sandals RULE!! I'm definitely doing that again, pollution shmollution. There is definitely something I enjoy about summer riding- I think all those miles in Iowa acclimated me to drinking a lot, drenching myself in water and resting when I know I need to.
After the ride David and I played raquetball for an hour and a half- I think it's safe to say raquetball is the hardest workout I do. Wow. I never come close to winning (barely come close to not being shut out) but still, it's hard!
Anyway, I know it's good to jolt your system to have a free day every once in a while- I certainly didn't have a completely free day, but I did have a big pasta dinner (with veggie meat sauce). And then I had some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I didn't even want the ice cream (not even my favorite flavor) but I thought it would be good to show my body I'm not in starvation mode.
Totally looking forward to breaking through the 10 lbs mark...that will be very soon.

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