Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What diet day is it?

Who knows, I stopped counting. Many things are going well- I have been very successful in staying on track- I've tried not counting calories so much as much as listening to myself- I find I struggle, or reconsider, breakfast foods- my vegetarianism extends frequently through to eggs- they're great protein and essential amino acids but they gross me out. I've been trying to eat a breakfast burrito several times a week but sometimes I just can't get past the snotty ickiness. So today was one of those mornings- I ended up just having some pistachios. I think that probably sounds bizarre to many people- but they're really a great source of protein and omegas. So there's my dirty little secret- some days I just eat nuts for breakfast. (Insert you-are-what-you-eat joke here.) I also try to stay away from a heavy bread breakfast- it's far too easy to grab a bagel or do other carb-heavy foods.
Anyway, tonight I felt a little off. Maybe the 3 days of 90+ degrees in my classroom is getting to me. I don't know. I wanted to ride, but I didn't want to ride. So I intended to go for a walk, to listen to some music, zone out. I walked to Ridgewood High School and ended up running. I ran over a mile and a half, almost effortlessly. I am so not a runner. But it felt good to get a good workout. I wonder how far I could've gone if I pushed myself.
So breakfast- pistachios, lunch was red leaf lettuce salad with sunflower seeds and a little dressing- some animals crackers for a snack and then dinner was vegetarian sushi (avocado/cucumber) and some edamame. Wow, is that all I ate today? Uh oh.
Well anyway, I'm trying to move the focus from meat analogs to real food- i.e. nuts/seeds-more natural forms of protein. It felt a little too product-y before. We'll see how that goes.


David said...

It's day 16. Really was it that hard to count?

Jenni said...

Really? 16? Wow time flies when you've given up chocolate

gerry said...

I think she gets confused when it gets past 10 and she has to take off her shoes.