Friday, September 5, 2008

My films

Maybe it's just the science teacher in me, maybe it's my need to have as deep an understanding of this whole breast cancer thing as possible, but I think these films are so fascinating. I have to say, seeing the spots made me gasp- like wow, there they are, that's really it. I think in my healing thoughts and practice, this will help me to visualize what it is and to make it go away. I actually have the pathology slides as well, I'm going to borrow a microscope and check those out too as soon as I can, or wait until I bring them to the surgeon and bug them to let me see.

Here's post biopsy. You can see my new jewelry as the marker. Wow.
When I look at these films, I see the other little white dots you're seeing too- I don't know if that's a film issue or more microcalcifications/ areas of DCIS. I'll put that on my list of questions for the surgeon.


charles said...

My wife had a similar DCIS film two years back only it was much more frightening. Lots of spots and a web like structure of them.
She refused the surgery. Read the book: Whay your Doctor may not have told you about breast cancer.
Started an alternative therapy. Use of progesterone cream to balance the estrogen inbalance. Then frightened by the Dr. went off that and used Temoxifen for 6 weeks. Then changed her mind again and back on the progesteron. Along with that she used Essiac tea, accupuncture and herbs, lots of vitamins and changed her diet. Cut out all suger and processed foods. No flour, no wheat no white rice. He third MRI showe the DCIS had receeded the Dr. cancelled the surgery, was confounded and had no suggestion but to watch and wait. So now we are watching and waiting using a new diet the progesterone cream and healthy attitude yoga and meditation.

So there are other solutions beside surgery.

If you want more information write me

Best of luck with your condition.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your wife's improvements, Charles. Have been hearing lately of topical use of tamoxifen, too, with good results (dr. vicky hufnagel, I believe). I understand there are so many modalities that can be helpful. I love how 'the surgeon was confounded' -- I've heard surgeons and pathologists who'll say 'spontaneous remission; inexplicable'. Ahem.

Jenni's attitude and outlook are just where they should be, and will help bring her through thoroughly successfully.