Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Week in Review

UPDATE: Just got a call, Uncle Stevie's coming home now- I'm hurrying out the door with Paul to get him settled at home. Mommy and Paul have said that if I need to, I should sling Uncle Stevie over my shoulder and carry him upstairs. What are they trying to say?!

What a week. I don't know that I can ever recall a week like this. Let's see, I got news of breast cancer, Uncle Stevie had a quintuple bypass, Jordyn's grandmother, Cathy, suffered a massive blot clot and brain seizures, she will most likely be removed from the respirator, Paul's friend Arnold lost his wife, Melissa's friend committed suicide, I got rear ended. Did I miss anything?

So that's the crap. Where's the good?

People have gone out of their way to care for each other, support each other, be good to each other. I put a deposit on a new bike, I laughed myself silly with the neighbors trying to get Mike to hula hoop and/or wear a skirt, I don't think after all my bike rack got damaged from the impact, made a bunch more hula hoops, Gray had his first day of kindergarten and loves it there (yay!), I managed to not get lost taking the bus back from NYC (like last time where I rode the bus so long I ended up back at the depot. true story). I'm still feeling sore from the biopsy (shesh, when will that go away?!), but I managed to win one of two hula contests last night, so bonus- and Uncle Stevie is coming home tomorrow! Matt got an award at work for redoing their website- congratulations!

I want to say thank you to all the people who have reached out to me this week. It has been tough but I know everything's going to be ok. I got a lot of hugs, a lot of love. I like the hugs (more please), I like the love (keep it comin'). I'm not loving listening to cancer stories or rememdies from oncology doctors- I know it's a natural thing to talk about but if you could bear to save those, I'd appreciate it. (Or I'll probably cut you off mid sentence- I'm just not into talking about "c" all the time). Please know that I'm not shy, I'll ask for what I need, I promise. (Melissa G. I do need the numbers of your people in Hackensack)

Anyway, there it is. Week in review- let's rack up more good!

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