Monday, September 15, 2008

What layer?!

Part of the therapy I'm doing with acupuncture involves treatment of some scars that I have. According to chinese medicine, energy flows through the body along meridians- basically these are the places where the acupuncture needles are places to increase the flow of energy which could be leading to the health problems you experience. That's pretty much the extent to which I'll explain it, but check out this meridian diagram-
When I was 15 and 16, I had two heart procedures which left scars on my body. One in on my neck, my right side. The other two were on either side of my groin. Check out that diagram- do you see where the meridian runs through? Yep, the breast- specifically my right breast is the one with the DCIS.
Part of the treatment involves putting wheat germ oil on the scars to help them get better.

So I was looking up today what it is about the oil that is supposed to be so good and I found this. I couldn't help but laugh- um, exactly what layer does this work on?!
Just thought it was funny.

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