Sunday, September 14, 2008

New eating, new treatment

Well, the treatment's actually not new, it's Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I'm still pursuing a second opinion and have not eschewed western medicine, but in the meantime, I'm going to do all that I can to help myself. The acupuncture is phenominal. And I've taken on a new away of eating. It goes like this:
No meat
No dairy
No sugar
No wheat (and really severely limiting rice)
No alcohol
No coffee
So this morning I had a bowl of twigs with some grass. But I'm still learning what to eat. I'm also trying to avoid foods I know that will have an effect on the estrogen receptor status of these cells that I may or may not have. Yesterday I ate eggs and broccoli for breakfast- I put some turmeric in with them- had a bunch (and by bunch I mean far too many) of almonds, some raspberries, some bananas, an orange, Ezekiel bread with almond butter (that was really good and it was on the "approved" food list, but it's made from sprouted wheat- I don't get it?) a few cups of organic green tea with lemon (a little agave nectar in one cup, a treat!) and for dinner I made this delicious soup- vegan broth, organice tomato paste, celery, onions, kale, butternut squash, also added turmeric to that. It was so good! If you've never tried putting kale into a soup, I highly recommend it. It doesn't taste bitter at all and is nice and chewy, just put it in early, it can take a little while to cook.
I've also been walking >2 miles a day and listening to Lhama Tashi meditating mantras. They're intense, check him out on iTunes. Oh yeah, and yesterday I had a great meditation session by the stream (or is it a brook?) down the street. It felt nice to sit by the water- managed to take away the splitting headache I had. Healing!


charles said...

Try banana mush:

1 banana mushed
2tbs ground flax mixed in
1/4 (or more) cup raw rolled oats (or baby oats) mixed in

black berries, blue berries fresh or frozen... other fruit if you like....

some yogurt if you like

yummy & filling even kids like it.

Jenni said...

Anytime you wanna send some food advice my way, I'll happily take it.
I've been advised to keep fruit to 2 servings a day, and yogurt is out. Today I'm saving my fruit allowance for fruit smoothies- strawberry and banana.
I'm going to try this. Thanks!