Saturday, November 8, 2008

Afghanistan care package

Many months ago, I worked with my classes to put together a care package (really a LOT of packages) for some people in Afghanistan. My good friend, SGT Eric Farina, is stationed there and appealed to me for some items for the children. Through the generosity of my students and their families, we were able to send a ton of goodies- candy,toys, shoes, etc. Today he sent me these pictures and emails. It makes such a difference to look into the faces of these children- I've written back to ask what else I can send, so if you're interested to contribute to another care package, I'll be sending one probably before the end of the year.

His emails:
I am attaching some pictures of kids who your care packages have gone to. And a local worker here on the FOB as well. He has five children who needed shoes. So I felt real good about that, and you should too. You should be proud of what you did.



Shabannah is my little "girlfriend" who has me like putty in her hands, Toothbrush girl is a little one who I threw the aforementioned oral hygiene product to over a crowd of obnxious selfish mysoginistic boys, and Kamin is the father of five who needs all the hlp he can get. These people are some of the recipents of your kindness.


Everyone who contributed to the packages should share in this pride and praise. Thank you!! Let's do it again! I'll be posting items I'll be collecting, but as always if you want to donate cash I'm happy to go and do the shopping or I'll apply it to the postage.
I'm happy they liked the last packages, this has made my day and it's only 8 AM.

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rita said...

wow. quite a mitzvah. blessings on you and on eric and on those children.