Sunday, November 9, 2008

The GJD ride series continues

16.25 miles, I'm not sure of the pace, I don't think my computer calculated it right- Gerry, Daniel, what was your average?
Gerry, Daniel and I spent some time this morning making our way around NY/NJ on what turned out to be a stunning day. I was excited to try my new Cannondale Carbon pants, and really I was just excited to ride- too much medical stuff lately, not enough riding. I got to sport my new Fat Cyclist jersey too, which is super comfy, though the pockets on the back are annoyingly high up, I found it nearly impossible to put stuff in there. Grr.
Anyway, we rode uphill for a long time, it was a good way to warm up and find my groove again- that felt really good. Then we kinda went oh, I dunno, this way and that. We chatted, we thanked gravity where appropriate, we saw a ton of other riders out, including Eric J. That was cool!
At one point (probably mile 13) we stopped for a little pistachio break and for the first time in the ride, I felt some pain. Like a deep to-the-chest-wall pain, nothing excruciating, but enough where I decided it's probably smarter to end before it gets worse. So we rode back to Danielb's car (did I mention he got lost this morning?) where I decided to take him up on his offer of a ride to my car about 5 miles away.
It feels so good to reconnect to something I love. It feels normal and normal is just what I need. I'd like to keep the Sunday rides going, so if you want to join us some week, send me an email or post here and we'll talk details. (Cyrus! This is your chance...)
I think I might start working on a new route, we never seem to go west, or far west. What's over there?
Oh, and p.s. the Cannondale pants were amazing. They seem more carbon-y than fabric-y so 1) my butt looks like it's made of carbon 2)it makes a squeaky noise on my seat as I'm riding. But they were certainly warm and very very comfortable. Then again, it was well over 50 degrees so the true test of their warmth still remains.
One more thing, a special thank you to Gerry for not wearing see-through pants. Gerry, those ones today are keepers!


Anonymous said...

A weak attempt at baiting me into commenting. Oh wait...

Cyrus said...

Hi Jenni,

I'd love to join up with the crew next weekend. Sorry, but I'm not sure if I have your e-mail saved in my address book; you can e-mail me at with the details.