Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey, I know, let's have more surgery.

Well today could've been a great day, but not so much. I went to see the surgeon for my follow-up. To get right to the point, I need more surgery. More mammograms, possibly more wires, and definitely more surgery. A re-excision, they're not sure they got everything out.
I was so looking forward to being declared cancer-free today. I wore LiveStrong yellow to the appointment. I bounded up the stairwell 2 steps at a time, I joked with the nurse. I left crying.
I'm ready to be done with this.

The surgeon and nurse both looked at my incision and remarked at how beautifully I was healing, how quickly, they were stunned. Then they both said, "Ah, too bad we're going to have to cut there again." Ouch.

On the upside, my new jersey arrived today. Fat Cyclist.


chad said...

sorry to hear

Jenni said...

Sorry to say. But I'm ok, it'll be fine. (:O) See, I'm smiling.

Cyrus said...

Continued best wishes and good luck thoughts, Jenni. I can only imagine how it's occasionally a struggle to deal with the ups and downs that go along with the journey.

Even though our paths don't cross as often these days as they did over the summer on the open roads of Rockland, rest assured we're thinking about you and always hoping for the best.

Jenni said...

Well hey, we can make our paths cross any ol' time. Are you riding this winter?

Cyrus said...

I am continuing to ride during the winter and fall, so sure let's meet up sometime soon when you feel like hitting the road. I can even do most weekdays.