Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Platelet donation #1, Done!

I got up ridiculously early this morning to make it to my platelet donation appointment at 7:00. The black ice and frozen car-sicle didn't stop me from getting there. I was pumped!
Went through the usual check in procedures and then I went to the chair. Donating platelets is totally different from donating blood- blood is drawn out and then returned to your body after the platelets are removed. The needle this time seemed a little bigger than the usual, or maybe it was just a tad more painful. No big deal. And the blood drawing part is a piece of cake- however the return portion is a little uncomfortable.
Blood is allowed to draw out at a natural rate, but it's returned much more quickly so it creates a sort of pressure in your vein. It's also cold- not catscan contrast cold for those who know, but it's slightly cooler than when it comes out. I was glad the phlebotomist told me that before I felt it, it was a little freaky.
All in all, this entire process took a little over an hour. There was no dizzy feeling, no ill feelings at all except for the discomfort of the blood going back in and a slight tingling feeling on my lips from the anticoagulant used in the return process. And I learned my platelet count was 284 which they said was very good. Who knows.
I definitely recommend doing this- platelets are used in cancer treatment and if there aren't any available, it takes 8 pints to get enough for one treatment. Wow! And unlike blood which can only be donated every 56 days, platelets can be done every 3. They are only good for 5 days, so the demand is always there.
It felt awesome to do this. I loaded Office Space on my JenniPod™ and zoned out. And I got to eat cookies for breakfast. Lunch and dinner too (thanks Wil!).


Mike said...

May you be warmed by the hearts of the lives you've saved. God bless you Jenni. You have a big heart!
Merry Christmas!

Jenni said...

Awh shucks.
I have been inspired by the goodness of others to do it- David, Rita, and Wil.