Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dieting is losing its fun

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I'm still doing well- really, really, well but my excitement for this process has started to wane. Last night was ladies nite- I made sure to eat something before I went knowing that there is usually a plethora of high-calorie (though also high-yum) food choices, plus it was after my 7 pm cutoff. Abby and I went walking before which was very invigorating, almost down to the Hook and back. I like that kind of slow burn feeling from a good walk, kind of feels like it's loosening up your muscles. And I even got Abby to jog. Ok, really she tripped over a stick and had to recover, but it looked like a jog.
I need to plan better and eat a little bit more. I managed to get through last night without slipping at all, but I'm not sure that was the right choice- there were some healty options (carrot sticks, vegetarian sushi) that I could've eaten, but I'm kind of experiencing white-knuckle sobriety- I don't want to step off my path at all yet. I know I will get more flexible soon as I'm comfortable with what I'm doing and how it's working.
Tomorrow is weigh-in day.

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