Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Low fat enchilladas

I'm an exciting cook- I don't know where I find the inspiration for such an inventive, exotic dish as this- I like to call them, enchilladas (pronounced: n-chee-la-das). I put together a low cal version of this years ago and it became one of Matt's favorites. Truth be told, it's not mine so I don't make it that often, but here we go:
soft tortilla- 150 calories (you can definitely find lower cal ones though- go nuts)
fat-free refried beans (I think they're identical to the vegetarian refried beans)- 90 calories for a 1/2 cup
enchillada sauce 25 calories for 1/4 cup- it's so little I just burned off all those calories bothering to read the label and type
reduced fat cheddar cheese- 80 calories 1/4 cup

I had plenty of calories left over for dinner so I mixed in some regular cheddar cheese because well, low fat cheese can be less than stellar, though it's not that bad.

I mix a little enchillada sauce into the refried beans first, roll the burritos and then top with sauce and a sprinkle of cheese, then bake until the cheese melts. Ridiculously easy, filling, and low cal. Tonight I only had one- I used the entire can of beans and made 6- I didn't even bother to add up all these calories- I know I'm all set.

In other food news, I did not eat enough. I had some cherries and a banana for breakfast, and then just a few bites of leftovers for lunch, two cups of coffee- and a mozzarella cheese stick as a snack. Tomorrow I'll add much more protein, I know today was not great. And I think I've finally come around to eating after my workout- it sort of seeped into my brain today that I should.

My workout today: Hill repeats! Due to an electrical problem at school, I had a half day- I rushed home and grabbed my bike. My chirp is back- gotta lube my chain again, it's annoying. I rode to Jacqueline Ave (turns into E Saddle River Road)- it's about a quarter mile climb with grades from 4% to 11%. I tried to keep my heart rate down but darn if it's just not possible- I managed to stay below 190, that's ok for me. I did the hill three times- I could've done more, I guess I was supposed to ride it until I just couldn't anymore. But c'mon- I'm ridiculously strong, an elite athlete. I just didn't have all day to climb this hill. Oh and it started raining. I especially loved memorizing the terrain of the hill- each time climbing it I gained advantage.
Should I have picked a more steep hill? Should I have forgotten about heart rate and just climbed faster?
I was just happy to get out before the non-rain-event-happened....again.

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