Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kids Today

I just got back from a bat mitzvah for one of my students. I was so touched to be invited and to share in her beautiful ceremony. But I couldn't help but be appalled by the behavior of a few teens.
Dressed like a slut, one girl talked with her girlfriend and obviously some boy who was into her. They sat during the ceremony being distracting with their giggling. Then one girl, who had been pulling her dress this way and that to expose/hide her boobs, took off her shoes so she was now barefoot. THEN SHE STARTED PICKING HER TOES. Her friend, dressed in a tank top and too-short skirt kicked off her pink plastic flip flops and put her feet up, ala home-on-the-couch, and was only missing the tv remote. Several other girls were texting, but when the rabbi reminded everyone to not use phones, they put them away.
Sorry, I just had to vent. I can understand if you don't understand the customs or ways, but this was just ridiculous. I will learn from this to make sure to teach my son what to do/not to do in these situations so that he never ever embarrasses himself like that.
On the plus side, there were many more kids who were perfectly behaved, and I was very proud of them.


rita said...

@davidj - I think it's not that -- i think married women cover their heads, unmarried don't have to but may if they wish. "Ultra-orthodox" ? - you mean like normal very orthodox, or like chasidim? I think 'normal very orthodox' girls do become bat mitzvot, these days (even in the late 70s-early 80s when I worked in the heart of monsey).
My cousin (my mother's cousin, really) was the first bat mitzvah worldwide - she was the dtr of Seymour Kaplan, the founder of Reconstructionist Judaism. She just died [recently], after having celebrated-commemorated the 70th anniversary of her bat mitzvah.

As for the bat mitzvah guests today, Jenni...what can ya say? The decline of civilization, etc. That, and the fact they're being raised by Coco and Jingles the circus monkeys. It stinks. Maybe it all started when that guy in the fetching red yarmulke said "From now on, English instead of Latin..."

Jenni said...

It was nice that the kids guided me through the cover-your-head thing (as I listened and turned my phone off so I couldn't read anyone's responses). I appreciated them answering my questions and being proud of their knowledge. It was nice to become the student.
At least those kids were the exception today, silver lining?

rita said...

meant to say I was glad your student included you in her special day. Might be interesting to observe whether her outlook or general demeanor are changed, beginning today. I'm sorry you were distracted by the crapp factor, including the unsuitable frocks...

rita said...

silver lining, for sure. it's cool you can seize that